3 Simple Alternatives to Make Your Garden Organic

Staff June 6, 2018 0
3 Simple Alternatives to Make Your Garden Organic

Organic food is growing in popularity, but it’s not limited to the grocery store. These organic garden alternatives will bring health to your garden.

1. Compost
If you want to garden organically, you will need to avoid synthetic chemical-based fertilizers. But plants need nutrients to grow, so you’ll still have to give them those in some form. Making homemade compost from yard waste and kitchen scraps can be simple, and there are a lot of options for compost setups, from DIY to high-end store bought bins. You can even enlist the help of worms to make compost – look up “vermicomposting” for more information.

2. Prevent Disease
Plants get sick too, and when disease occurs, it can devastate your hopes of a tasty and bountiful harvest. Fortunately, many diseases can be treated naturally. For instance, blossom end rot, a disease affecting the fruit of tomatoes, is caused by a lack of calcium in the soil. It can be prevented or treated by adding supplemental calcium, such as bone meal or crushed egg shells. Other diseases are caused by improper soil pH, so a little advanced planning pays off. Powdery mildew can be combated with a spray of baking soda solution or diluted milk. It is certainly possible to find organic garden alternatives for treating disease.

3. Pest Control
Dealing with pests is a challenge if you have eschewed the use of chemical pesticides. It is possible to find naturally derived, organic-approved pesticides at an organic gardening store, but you can also employ strategies such as picking bugs and snails off by hand, building simple pest traps, and using carefully thought out companion plants to lure beneficial insects to your garden.

If you are dedicated to growing your garden with organic methods, there is possibly more information now than ever before on how to do so. For all the problems you may encounter, there are organic garden alternatives.

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