Advantages of Having a Raised Garden Bed

Staff November 10, 2018 0
Advantages of Having a Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are the perfect solution for gardeners struggling with poor soil conditions. A raised garden bed is simply a box structure with no bottom that is filled with soil. This gives the gardener control over the specific soil conditions to be used for planting.

Another advantage is that the gardener does not have to walk through the bed to tend it. This eliminates the common problem of soil compaction. These beds drain well than typical garden beds. Plants grown in raised beds are healthy and have a very high yield of flowers or produce.

Designing a garden with raised beds allows for practical and creative uses of the yard space. The beds can be used to clearly establish pathways and will greatly reduce the presence of unsightly weeds. It is also easier to grow a large variety of plants because the soil conditions of each bed can be tailored for an individual species. There are even some species that can only be successfully grown in this type of bed.

These beds are ideal for gardeners who want to enjoy the beauty of homegrown plants without the maintenance. If the soil used to start the garden is a commercial blend that is free of seeds the garden will require very little weeding. It is also possible to set up an automatic irrigation system to make watering the plants quick and easy. Gardeners with joint or back pain will greatly appreciate not having to stoop very low to tend the garden.

Raised garden beds provide an inexpensive and simple solution to many common gardening problems. Even if growing conditions are very poor any gardener can create a beautiful landscape design with raised bed gardening techniques.

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