Barbara Jorgensen March 23, 2018 0

So why do I care about the “dirt” and what is it I have to do to have a great garden and not break my back?  OR maybe just have some “nice pots” of pretty flowers or vegetables.

Every gardener I know has some sort of idea as to what the best way to improve the “dirt” could be.  I, remember, am lazy.  No I will not double dig, break my back and the hope that all is well.  If you are like me, then guess what?  Lazy is GOOD.  Yep, the science says no double digging.  So here’s the skinny.

If you want to have healthy soil, you need earthworms.  Well those puppies like to have their homes left alone.  So if you double dig, you mess up the home and they either leave or you have cut them in half and they are now dead.  Goodness!

According to Back Yard Ecosystem you should dig as little as possible.  What that means is please just make a hole and then fill it with the new plant.  I like that a lot.  Love being lazy and reaping rewards for it!!!!!

But still, there is this issue with the soil.  I know it needs to be fed so how?  Well there are a couple of things you can try.  First, get yourself some compost and just lay about two inches of it over the top of the existing soil.  WATER….let it get wet.  Who do you think comes a calling……..the earthworm.

Now then, if your soil is really a mess and you are not sure of what to do with it here is what has worked for me.  If you can get your hands on some newspaper (yeah that used to be easy) put it on top of the soil and wet it down.  Then put about an inch of compost on top and water it down.  Then walk away.  Give it two weeks, plant what it is you want and give it a whirl.  This should bring not just the earthworm population but it should begin to make the soil much more pliable.

It’s up to you.  Just remember, the earthworm is our friend and he needs to build a home in the soil.  For those of you with money to burn, go ahead and buy the earthworms at your local garden center.

Oh and remember – NO toxins…….that means the weeds will need to be picked.  With the newspaper there should not be many and remember we are not “turning the soil” so we have not activated the weed seeds.

For the potted plants. be sure you buy a quality potting mix and do put the mix in the pot, wet it, and wait 2 hours to a day before planting.  Why?  Because the mix needs to be wet.  If it is not, it pulls the moisture away from your plant.

Have a great day………

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