Simple Composting Tips

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Simple Composting Tips

Composting is one of the simplest projects you can do. In addition to being easy, it is a great way to reduce the waste in our environment and it is good for your garden!

There are just a few things to know about composting. In fact, many people tend to make the whole process harder than it really is! Just follow these easy tips and you will be creating this healthy garden nutrient.

Where to Compost? – This is probably the biggest dilemma that people come across when they are ready to start a composting project. Do you use a container or just make a pile? You don’t need a lot of space for this project. If your space is tight, you can use a small composting container that rotates. These rotating bins come in different sizes so you can find one that is perfect to tuck in the corner of your patio or elsewhere in your yard.

If you have a bigger space, you can make a pile that is enclosed with a small fence. For proper composting you will want to turn the material in this pile regularly using a compost aerator or turning fork. Both types of enclosures will be perfect for composting, so it just depends on which type will work best for your garden needs.

What to Compost? – Many people aren’t sure exactly what can be composted and what can’t. One good rule of thumb is if it comes from nature it can go back to nature. So things like produce waste, leaves, grass clippings, etc. are perfect for composting. Other things that can be composted are coffee grounds, egg shells, newspaper (tear it up first) and brown paper sacks. Stay away from magazines and shiny ads, they will not compost well. Paper that has been shredded in a paper shredder is great for composting as well and it breaks down quickly.

If you keep a compost crock or other container in your house, it will be easier to collect kitchen waste and then just take it to your compost pile a couple of times a week. Most kitchen compost containers have charcoal filters built in so there is no odor. You can find compost crocks that look like a decorative ceramic canister so you can collect your organic material fashionably!

How to Compost – The how of composting is probably one of the easiest things about it. You can pretty much put your organic materials in the pile or bin and let it go. You will want to turn your compost a couple of times a week, either by rotating the bin or manually turning it with a compost fork. As you turn the compost, the new material will mix in with that that has started to break down.

Add a little water to your compost to keep it moist. You don’t want it to be soggy, just moist. Think of a wrung out sponge – that is how moist your pile should always be.

Composting is one of the simplest and most rewarding garden tasks. You can benefit both your garden and the environment by reducing how much waste goes to the landfill. It is an easy way to do your part to save the planet!

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