Tips for Healthy Gardening

Staff February 12, 2019 0
Tips for Healthy Gardening

Gardening is beautiful, it’s fun, it makes you slim – and it’s not dangerous. Every year millions of hobby gardeners injure themselves while working in their own garden, often with evil consequences. So that you survive the gardening without damage and without an accident, here are some good tips

Sturdy footwear is important

If you have your own garden, you have to tackle it again, so that the little green paradise can prepare beautiful hours in the summer ahead. The meadow, the shrubs, flowerbeds, but also the vegetable and herb garden need optimal care. Every year in these weeks, there are always accidents and misadventures, especially during these gardening works, which do not have to be.

A wheelbarrow relieves you

You should not simply lift and tow particularly heavy, large sacks of fertilizer, peat or seeds. Use a wheelbarrow. Or buy small sacks. And if you lift something, just squat upright. Otherwise strain the spine and take a lumbago.

Check the devices in advance

Speaking of insects: For this reason, you should also do no hair spray, no deodorant and no perfumes or refreshing waters when gardening. All this makes bees, wasps and mosquitoes happy. You also have to change clothes immediately if they are sweaty. Because even the smell of sweat attracts the animals. In addition, one gets cold with sweaty clothes too easily.

Looks at chemical substances

Handle the mower only when the engine is off. And if you have used the device and need to refuel with petrol and engine oil, then let it cool down for a few minutes beforehand.

When mowing the lawn, avoid moving backwards with the unit in front of you. The sharp rotary knives of the device come in contact very easily with the feet. The risk of toes being hurt or shaved is greater than you think.

Handle chemical substances with care. Think about better using natural pesticides. If chemicals get in your eyes or come in contact with the skin, it can cause severe irritation.

If you cut the hedges with electric scissors, you have to work concentrated so that you do not injure yourself. Especially if you are standing on a ladder.

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