Tomato Gardening

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Tomato Gardening

Tomatoes are world’s favorite vegetable and are consumed as a fruit. They are also used to manufacture fruit jams and juices. Tomatoes are easy to grow and at the end of the season do produce a bumper harvest, if well taken care of. There are several procedures involved in planting and harvesting of tomatoes. These are:

§ Preparation

§ Planting seeds

§ Preparing the
main garden

§ Transferring
seedlings from the nursery bed

§ Weeding

§ Spraying of

§ Harvesting and
selling or consumption.

Planting of seeds

When planting seeds, one has to prepare the seedbed and then after planting has to start the seeds indoors and observe them for a period of between 6 to 8 weeks. For the nursery bed, one has
to select a garden where the sun is usually in plenty, for the sake of germination.

This particular area also has to have a loose and well-drained soil, which will be able to hold water for a longer period before drying up. In cold regions, it is vital for the growing seedlings on the bed to receive at least 6 hours of sunlight.

Transfer of seedlings to the main garden usually occurs between six to seven weeks, where the soil is supposed to be tilled and loosed to about 1 foot deep. After tilling, you mix together
manure and compost then water the seedlings after transplanting.

Spraying against pests and diseases

Spraying is done by spraying the plants with insecticides. This prevents attacks from insects like aphids, flea beetles, tomato hornworm, and whiteflies, among many others. Spraying them will
also prevent plant diseases like blight, blossom end rot, and mosaic.

You support the tomato stakes or cages in the soil during planting time to avoid falling and withering… Staking ensures that developing fruits do not touch the ground while caging ensures
the plants old themselves upright.

Harvesting: Before harvesting, you should leave tomatoes on their vines. If they fall off before they appear ripe then collect them and store in a cool dry place. One is usually advised to harvest tomatoes when they become firm and purely red in color. Do not refrigerate tomatoes as this spoils their taste and texture.

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