Ways to Improve Your Gardening Soil

Staff July 18, 2018 0
Ways to Improve Your Gardening Soil

The decision to improve your gardening soil literary translates to a better harvest of whatever plants you’ll be having on your space. Whether you are growing some beautiful flowers or vegetables in your garden the soil needs to provide the nutrients needed to keep the plants in good shape.

What Exactly Does it Mean to Improve Garden Soil

This simply entails adding what the soil may be lacking to make it richer, like adding fertilizers and soil amendments to regulate water retention capacity, texture and the nutrient content of the soil. Despite the fact that water is important, you’ll need to correct the drainage system because excess moisture can be detrimental to certain plants.

If your main target is to grow healthier kales, spinach and maybe some bulb onions, you may want to consider blending the soil with some organic matter, like let’s say rabbit dropping, rotting grass, or chicken poop.

But that’s not all, the list of organic soil amendments is long, which may extend to adding compost manure, the seaweed which adds potash and nitrogen to your soil, and wood chips or sawdust both promising to make your gardening soil lighter for air to circulate as required.

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